>>More Heaven from Philadelphia… Soft luxury From Andrex… Captain Birds Eye on a nutrition mission… Sunny salad from Green Giant…

Budget £2m
Manufacturer Kraft Foods

New TV ads for Philadelphia soft white cheese are aimed at women aged 25 to 65 and communicate the message that the product is more than just a spread. Continuing with the brand’s Heaven theme, the campaign features six new angel characters.

Budget part of a £5m spend
Manufacturer Kimberly-Clark

Kimberly-Clark has turned the spotlight on its new luxury quilted toilet tissue, Andrex Quilts, in a new TV ad campaign running now. The execution features the Andrex Puppy, who is keen to join in the fun had by a romantic couple.

Birds Eye
Budget Undisclosed
Manufacturer Unilever Ice Cream and Frozen Food

Kids and parents are being given a lesson in food additives by Captain Birds Eye in a new TV ad for Birds Eye. The captain has adapted the alphabet for his ‘nutrition mission’ to make viewers aware of additives used in some ready meals.

Green Giant
Budget Undisclosed
ManufacturerGeneral Mills
The friendly Green Giant makes his usual appearance in the latest TV ad from General Mills, which hit screens last Monday (June 27). Called Sun, the ad promotes Green Giant Salad Crisp sweetcorn.