>>sad tale of a non-Ribena blackcurrant… Dancing with Danish Bacon… Shaking it up with orangina… Summer push for Smirnoff ice…

Budget: undisclosed
Manufacturer: GlaxoSmithKline

Running now, new TV advertising for Ribena follows the journey of a blackcurrant which falls from a bush and joins his fellow fruit waiting to be picked to make Ribena. Sadly, he never makes it into the Ribena bottle as he is flattened by an errant golf ball.

Danish Bacon
Budget: undisclosed
Manufacturer: The Danish Bacon & Meat Council

New online advertising for Danish Bacon features an internet animation that shows a cooked breakfast come to life in the form of a human shape and dance in the style of David Brent from the TV programme The Office.

Budget: £2.5m
Manufacturer: AG Barr

A delivery driver with a cargo of Orangina takes a bumpy route to his Mediterranean destination in the latest TV ad for the drink, ensuring that the bottles are suitably shaken when he hands them over. The ad carries the strapline ‘Shake it to wake it’.

Smirnoff Ice
Budget: £1m
Manufacturer: Diageo

Diageo has turned the spotlight on Smirnoff Ice in a new ‘text and win’ promotion which forms part of a £4m summer push for the drink. The promotion generates interaction with Uri, the unique main character from the current ad campaign.