A taste of country life… fighting the snuffles with Beechams… All-round drink from magners… Angels enjoy splendips fare…

Budget undisclosed Manufacturer Dairy Crest

New TV advertising for Country Life features lifelike computer-generated animals helping mum tidy her home. Running now on national and satellite channels, the executions carry the strapline ‘Enjoy the taste of Country Life’.
Valerie Aston, buying controller, proudfoot

McCain Cajun - another offering to the market of flavoured chips. The packaging is clear and concise in what it is offering, which is always a good thing.

On tasting the product, it has a nice spicy flavour and would probably be good to use with dips.

These kinds of products are always useful as a variation and as such should be marketed accordingly to ensure success.

However, limited space in the freezer section restricts the number of chip listings and therefore something will have to go if space is to be created for this line.

All in all a good offering, which, with the right support, should do well.

Score: 18/25
Budget part of a £5.4m spend Manufacturer GlaxoSmithKline

Beechams is showing people how they can avoid the snuffles in winter with a TV campaign. Two ads continue a folklore theme looking at old wives’ remedies for cold and flu sufferers. Both carry the strapline ‘Until there’s a cure, there’s Beechams’.

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