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Budget part of a £15m spend Manufacturer Masterfoods
New television advertising for Whiskas focuses on the unique cat-owner relationship and is aimed at demonstrating the brand’s understanding of the emotional bond between a cat and its owner.
Tina Hird, trading controller, Spar
The packaging has a premium feel, with very attractive pictorial depictions of the regions where the coffee beans are grown. This creates an almost emotional attraction to the products.
My favourite was the Ugandan offering from Mount Eldon, which had a pleasant aroma and smooth nutty flavour. The Nicaraguan beans from Las Nubes produced a very strong, bitter drink that is definitely an acquired taste. The Peruvian entry from Machu Picchu again had a very pleasant aroma but failed to deliver on taste, with a mellow, almost bland flavour.
I would buy the Mount Eldon beans for my own personal use.
Score: 18/25
Budget undisclosed Manufacturer Kikkoman
Carrying the strapline ‘Our secret ingredient is time’, the new print campaign for Kikkoman Naturally Brewed Soy Sauce contrasts the many months it takes to mature each bottle with its instant results in the kitchen.
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