>>nescafé focuses on its decaffeinated offerings...there’s a bit of a draught coming from the fridge...a shadowy figure in vince’s garage... here comes the baby managing director...


Budget part of a £3m spend Manufacturer Nestlé
Running now, TV advertising for Nescafé focuses on the new Half Caff and Decaff blue packaging and builds on the 2005 ‘live life to the full, the half and the decaf’ campaign. The ads form part of a £3m push including press, bus and radio advertising.

Experts’s Verdict

Jonathan Butt, head of global sourcing, thresher group
Expectations were low here, tasting 0% alcohol beer is bad enough, but on a Friday too!
The packaging looks the part, and on pouring the beer, I was happily surprised by the healthy beery head and the appealing golden hue of the brew.
In the mouth, the initial flavour profile is clean and smooth, with a soft creamy feel, this evolves on the palate to a distinctive malty taste that is both pleasing and satisfying. The finish is fruity and hoppy. The only criticism is the light body and general feel in the mouth, it lacks the weight and structure that alcohol gives. However, this is a cracking effort - good work.
Score: 20/25

Guinness Draught

Budget part of a £2.5m spend Manufacturer Diageo
Hitting the small screen this Monday (February 13), new TV advertising for Guinness Draught, titled Fridge, builds on the iconic ‘Good things come to those who wait’ campaign. The commercial will air throughout the spring.