>>how do you eat your creme egg?...lyle’s golden syrup focuses on its rich heritage...diageo asks binge drinkers to look in the mirror... budweiser is back with a coach...

Cadbury creme egg
Budget £2m
Manufacturer Cadbury Trebor Bassett

Cadbury Creme Egg returned to the small screen last Tuesday (February 21) with an evolution of its perennial ‘How do you eat yours?’ approach. The campaign features a series of characters enjoying a Creme Egg in different ways.

Lyle’s Golden Syrup
Budget part of a £800,000 spend
Manufacturer Tate & Lyle

Carrying the strapline ‘Lyle’s Golden Syrup.....a little taste of yesterday today’, a national print and outdoor advertising campaign for Lyle’s Golden Syrup focuses on the rich heritage of the product.