More coffee is being drunk on the go. Coffee shops are benefiting the most, but retailers are now looking to grab a slice of the action.

Larger supermarkets have customer restaurants or in-store coffee shop concessions such as Starbucks. Smaller supermarkets and c-stores may have concessions such as those found in forecourt garages. For example, Somerfield's forecourt stores have replaced staffed coffee chains with Coffee Nation self-service bars, while Tesco has renewed its contract with Coffee Nation within its Express stores.

Another operator is Simply Coffee, which operates an in-store unit that requires only one square metre of floor space.

Another way to capitalise on this market is to offer an 'on the go' cup. At the end of last year, Nestlé introduced Nescafé Cappuccino To Go, a 12oz cup with instant Nescafé cappuccino in a sealed foil pod inside - consumers just add hot water.

Another product is Rocket Fuel's Power Shot from Food Brands Group, which is coffee enriched with Guarana in a heating cup. The heat is activated by clicking in the base of the cup and shaking it for 40 seconds.

Tea is also getting in on the act. Unilever has introduced PG2Go in the foodservice sector. It has a 'Brew and Slide' lid - consumers dunk their tea bag, pull the bag to the lid and lock to either side. It then requires hot water and milk.n