Sir, Please tell me it's not true that one person suffered an allergic reaction to a certain cheese, and the Co-op has removed 172 cases of the product ('FSA in allergy alert over Co-op Cheddars, The Grocer, 5 February).

Unbelievable. One person. Where is the proof? Worst of all, that poor cheese supplier will now be charged thousands of pounds by the Co-op for 'admin costs' (pure profit) and more than likely will never stock that product again.

I feel horrified at the way these multiples now behave. The Co-op will be seen as doing 'the right thing' but once more the supplier loses out and the Co-op has a nice little earner. Fair trade? I don't think so. We suppliers all need to act together in reminding the large multiples that without suppliers they are nothing. If anyone has any ideas about redressing the balance, please share them.

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