There are 97 different slang uses for the word chicken ­ a revelation for which we can thank Batchelors Supernoodles. The instant snack meal brand has sponsored the first definitive book on food slang to celebrate the role that humble foods play in everyday speech'. Chicken is the most used (or abused) word and can refer to a coward, a young girl, a pint pot, bacon or sausages or a church (as in the rhyming slang chicken perch). The rest of the top 10 food slang terms, which are listed as having at least 45 alternative meanings, are bread (which can also mean, money, to sneeze and a baby); tea (brandy, whisky, marijuana); fish (a sailor, a gambling chip, a woman or a gay man); butter (flatter, marijuana, nitroglycerine); meat (one's prey, the basics, a fool); apple (the head, money, the runs, the sky); fruit (a fool, something wonderful, a gay man, an eccentric); sugar (cash, a grocer, a kiss, a pretty girl); eggs (a person, an intellectual, a dollar bill). Now can anyone think of a meaningful slang use for the word Supernoodle? {{COUNTERPOINT }}