Dollar Shave Club screen shot

Sir, The news that Unilever has purchased razor subscription brand Dollar Shave Club for $1bn not only demonstrates the huge success that the brand has achieved but also the credibility of its innovative business model. What Unilever has bought via this deal is a proven route to market, where consumers are sold to directly. This move is a significant one for a giant like Unilever, one that opens up huge opportunities for the group’s wider brand portfolio.

The way people shop, interact with brands and respond to marketing is changing rapidly as new technology emerges and people adopt increasingly fast and fluid lifestyles. As a result, brands need to look at their sales models, their branding and their design to ensure they are no longer crafting products that only stand out on the shelf. Brands have to make an impact now on the doorstep, in the hand, and on the go. Times are changing, and this is not a one way deal: Unilever’s involvement will certainly open many doors and opportunities for Dollar Shave Club, but it will also be able to learn much from the partnership itself, about new ways of reaching and engaging with consumers.

Lee Rolston, strategy director, Jones Knowles Ritchie