Restaurant review website Yelp has acquired popular US-based online takeout ordering service Eat24 for $134m (£87.6m), reports the Wall Street Journal.

Eat24, offering an equivalent service to the UK’s online food delivery company Just Eat, had 20,000 restaurants on its books across the US, and offers Yelp an intriguing integration opportunity, with the company stating plans to “expand Eat24’s offering to the one million U.S. restaurants listed on its platform,” according to a press release. Previously, the reviews site survived on advertising revenue alone.

Jeremy Stoppelman, Yelp CEO, said: ”As more food ordering transactions move online, further integrating Eat24 will enhance our user experience with an easy-to-use product and service that allows our large consumer audience to transact directly with businesses… with this acquisition, we gain more tools and expertise to help engage our users from discovery through transaction.”

Yelp adjusted its revenue outlook up as a result of the acquisition.