'Brand ambassador' is usually just a fancy way of saying 'corporate shill'. Stuff enough cash into a Formula One driver's overall pockets and he'll wear your indestructible titanium watch with pride; bung a few frozen spring rolls into the rickety pram of a former reality TV star and she'll hawk your supermarket's party fare as if it were her own tear-stained autobiography.

But Charmin in the US is bringing some integrity to the role, with its Enjoy the Go campaign. The loo roll maker is asking real people well, Americans to live the brand by manning its sponsored toilets in Times Square, which go up annually between Thanksgiving and New Year.

It wants "super-fun, enthusiastic people" to lure passers-by into the free conveniences then write an online diary about their, erm, experiences a log blog, if you will.

Although they're paying $10,000 for the two months' work, Charmin says they "must really, really enjoy going to the bathroom". Which probably makes them the sort of person you don't want to accompany you into a public loo even before they publish the outcome.

Still, it's better than running into Richard Hammond at Morrisons.