Heinz aims to extend the snacking opportunities for its soups by bringing out a version in one litre plastic bottles. Called Heinz Fridge Door ­ because, as it says on the label, it fits inside the door of a typical fridge ­ the soup can be kept in the fridge for five days after it has been opened. However, it is still an ambient product with a nine month shelf life. The idea is that families can help themselves to as much soup as they want when they feel like it without being confined to the measured quantity of canned soup. Fridge Door will initially be available in two variants: Cream of Tomato and Tomato & Roast Vegetable, a new flavour made with peppers, aubergines and courgettes. Other flavours may be added at a later date. Heinz said the launch is capitalising on the growth of soup as a snack food, as reflected in the growing popularity of soup bars. Fridge Door will hit supermarket shelves by the end of September. Rsp: £1.49. {{P&P }}