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Welsh food & drink's global success is being choked by Brexit impasse

A sense of confidence in the Welsh food and drink sector is being tempered by ’ansicrwydd’ or uncertainty around Brexit

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How chocolate makers can help put an end to Ivorian deforestation

Progress has been made, but chocolate manufacturers have work to do, says Rob McWilliam, head of Earthworm Foundation

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Mind and mood remain untapped opportunities for gut health growth

Public interest in gut health has rocketed in recent years, as has knowledge of the connection between gut and mental health. So where are the products playing on this gut-brain angle?


Albert Heijn's work to tackle human rights abuses sets a precedent for UK supers

Albert Heijn in the Netherlands is leading the way with bold initiatives to acknowledge and eradicate human rights abuses in its supply chains, says Rachel Wilshaw, ethical trade manager at Oxfam

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Sainsbury's-Asda £1bn price pledge is eye-catching but mistimed

Sainsbury’s and Asda have promised to put £1bn back into shoppers’ pockets – but with Brexit and other inflationary pressures on the horizon, is their attention in the right place?

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Decoding Stuart Machin's letter to M&S suppliers

The food MD is in an ebullient mood over the M&S transformation plan, but will it work? 

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How to make your shopper budget an investment, not a spend

The first step is for brands to prioritise planning, selecting the right media to achieve their objectives and to deliver their message, says Matt Lee, managing director at Capture

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The Great British Bake Off: celebrities put on a good show

Contestants didn’t worry too much about a showstopping bake or a Hollywood handshake


Brexit tariffs have done little to eliminate uncertainty

The new tariff system is – in the words of FDF CEO Ian Wright – ‘confusing and complex’


Will Tesco & Carrefour suppliers get the deal they're after?

Much talk in the industry this week focused on the seismic events taking place in Europe

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