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Millennials hate mayo? Don’t believe the hype Subscription

16 Aug 2018 | By Emma Weinbren

First, they killed off letter writing, now millennials are coming for our sauces (apparently) 

Collaboration is vital if we are to make progress on ending modern slavery

16 Aug 2018 | By Didier Bergeret

Everyone from transnational organisations to the private sector has a part to play, says Didier Bergeret, social sustainability director at The Consumer Goods Forum

Hilton factory

Food manufacturers need a radical resourcing shakeup

16 Aug 2018 | By Martin Chilcott

Input costs are rising and the industry is under significant pressure to become more efficient and sustainable, says Martin Chilcott of Manufacture 2030

Veg Power stock

Industry must collaborate to address conflicts in fights against plastic and food waste Subscription

15 Aug 2018 | By Ian Quinn

If ever there was evidence of how quickly the war on plastic has changed the agenda, Asda’s about-turn is it

All Shook Up

Why RTDs are the next big 'craft' opportunity in alcoholic drinks

15 Aug 2018 | By Jen Draper

New launches such as All Shook Up are growing the category, not cannibalising it, says Jen Draper of Global Brands

lidl pub sign

Fancy a Lidl drink? What a ‘discounter pub’ could mean for the on-trade Subscription

14 Aug 2018 | By Daniel Woolfson

According to news reports, Lidl could be planning its own entry into the pub sector

collective vs aldi yoghurts

Brands facing discounter 'copycat' versions must protest loudly and visibly

14 Aug 2018 | By David Sables

The law doesn’t offer brands much support, so they must stand up for themselves, says David Sables

Woman using phone

Be ruthless: set your mind to achieving laser beam focus

14 Aug 2018 | By Jennifer Baker

A client described her life as feeling like a “tweeting effect” – everything rushed with short, unfocused bursts of activity

knorr mushroom stock pot

Understanding the fundamental rules of grocery category growth

14 Aug 2018 | By Jeremy Garlick

Tailoring products to broaden usage and offer consumers more must drive growth, says Insight Traction’s Jeremy Garlick

Paula Lindenberg

Paula Lindenberg is a smart choice for AB InBev, but the pressure will be on Subscription

13 Aug 2018 | By Daniel Woolfson

There are significant issues to address across AB InBev’s wider portfolio, writes Grocer senior drinks reporter Dan Woolfson

Biodiversity sustainability environment

Letter: Engaged Tracking emissions report was 'flawed'

13 Aug 2018

The report assumed supermarkets not publishing emissions data were performing poorly, says Richard Walker


What Chris Edwards found at Poundstretcher

10 Aug 2018 | By Steve Farrell

Saving Poundstretcher on Channel 4 sees Chris Edwards try to revive his one-time rival’s fortunes

Port at Guernsey St Peter Dock

No-deal Brexit could be an environmental catastrophe too

10 Aug 2018 | By Adam Leyland

As positive as the heatwave has been for trade this summer, there is a negative, with inflation – not to mention long-term

pay salary

Salary transparency can both alienate and inspire employees

09 Aug 2018 | By Jonathan Fitchew

Whether or not you should strive for salary transparency is entirely dependent on the context of your business


Recyclable crisp bags are a great start – but we need a major shift in attitudes Subscription

09 Aug 2018 | By Daniel Selwood

Whichever eco-solution they choose, crisp purveyors will have their work cut out

Indra Nooyi, PepsiCo

Indra Nooyi’s candour about the challenges faced by female leaders will be missed

08 Aug 2018 | By Julia Glotz

At a time when fmcg struggles to put women in top jobs, losing an outspoken role model like Nooyi is a real blow

Cucumber cut up on a wooden chopping board

Fresh produce scares show food safety starts with properly trained workers

08 Aug 2018 | By Chris Elliott

Evidence in the US suggests that cases of fresh produce-related food poisoning are often due to contamination with human waste, says Professor Chris Elliott

today's group landmark merger

Today’s and Landmark combined stand more than a fighting chance against their rivals

07 Aug 2018 | By Ronan Hegarty

This merger can be traced directly back to Tesco’s shock announcement that it was buying Booker

Technician in a food factory_audit_inspection_food safety

How BRC Issue 8 seeks to encourage a culture of food safety

07 Aug 2018 | By Derek Watson

As part of new food safety guidance, manufacturers will be required to show they are creating a safety-conscious culture, explains Derek Watson of the University of Sunderland 

Aldi spirits

Search data shows Tesco may be on to a winner with Jack's

07 Aug 2018 | By Harry Walker

Consumers are searching for discount offerings more frequently, says Google’s Harry Walker



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Plastic and the Packaging Conundrum

Plastic is the new public enemy number one. But how should the industry, which is so reliant on plastic as a packaging solution, respond?


The Soft Drinks Sugar Levy Webinar

What does the Sugar Levy mean? Everything you ever wanted to know and never dared to ask


Coca-Cola: How to Bring Sales and Operations Alive with Data

Implementing a robust Sales and Operation process at Coca-Cola



WHITE PAPER – Accelerate your supply chain as retail pressure intensifies

Big or small, Food and Drink manufacturers are under pressure. Supermarket range reviews, massive retail mergers, the backlash against plastic packaging and the ongoing unpredictability of Brexit are just some of the huge challenges facing them in 2018. 


WHITE PAPER – Innovation… who gives a SHIFT?

There was a time where it was enough to do one thing and do it well. When simply providing a solid product and service would support your business model for many years, if not decades. But the world has changed and continues to change… fast. Brands need to be planning ahead, but also ready to react when the competition start to encroach on their territory.  


White Paper: A new model for launching new products

As three in four new product launches currently fail within a year, Bray Leino’s new comms model suggests how the traditional approach can evolve to de-risk the launch process. Hosted by The Grocer, Bray Leino invited marketers from leading food and drink brands to discuss this hypothesis. That discussion is the basis for this paper.




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