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​Government must stop passing the buck on food for vulnerable people in a no-deal Brexit

The UK Government must immediately make available hardship funds to ensure vulnerable people can get the food they need in the event of a no-deal Brexit


Eating insects is healthy. Can a Welsh duo make it cool?

Vexo brings to mind hip brands like Beyond Meat and Impossible Burger

dave lewis tesco

Dave Lewis won’t lose sleep over Tesco ad ruling from the ASA

Availability, not price, was the reason for the advertising ban

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Snacking is changing: get on board with the trend for smarter, healthier choices

Consumers are actively looking at snacks as a way to boost nutrition, says Vicky Southern of Kerry Foods

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Byron allergen tragedy is troubling because it is so hard to rectify

It isn’t just a legislative challenge. This tragic case also highlights troubling behavioural issues that need to be tackled

Graze copy

Cut through the hype. How do you know if direct-to-consumer is right for you?

Graze and Hello Fresh succeeded by providing a solution for health-conscious and time-strapped consumers, says Entropy founder Alex Tait

Dairymen Cover 2019

The great Brexit drama presents the dairy industry with a huge challenge

Given the potentially huge implications of Brexit for dairy, it was always going to be the focus of The Dairymen 2019


Don’t let Brexit prevent you from making a move on pricing

Set pricing where you need it and treat Brexit as a separate stimulus, says David Sables, CEO of Sentinel Management Consultants

waitrose counter staff and customer

How to engage retailers in conversations about in-store change

Suppliers must understand retailers’ corporate strategies and views on your category, says Jeremy Garlick

tommy fury mayo

Love Island’s Tommy Fury declares love… for mayonnaise

Hellmann’s has coupled up with the Love Island buffster, about whom the most interesting thing is that he likes mayo

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