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lush manchester plastic free store

Lush has gone au naturel on plastic. Can supermarkets follow suit? Subscription

21 Jan 2019 | By Daniel Selwood

Lush employees bared all at the weekend as a nod to the store’s ‘naked’ concept

customer walmart supermarket aisle promos

Lessons in digital transformation from Alibaba, Hema and Kroger

18 Jan 2019 | By Miya Knights

Retailers have been talking about the importance of digital transformation for a while

British Milk tea

As politicians panic, food is keeping calm and carrying on

18 Jan 2019 | By Adam Leyland

Retailers and suppliers are quietly sourcing alternative supplies, reserving warehouse space and building inventory

hotel chocolat

Inside Hotel Chocolat: secrets of a chocolate empire

18 Jan 2019 | By Angelina Mason

This is not your typical multimillion-pound company. For a start, CEO Angus Thirlwell is extremely hands-on

gillette best a man can be ad

Gillette’s ad is an admirable move – boycotters be damned

18 Jan 2019 | By Daniel Selwood

If you’re a man who feels alienated by the new Gillette ad, have a word with yourself

 Meat and veg

'Planetary health diet’ provokes strong reactions… but will we change what we eat? Subscription

17 Jan 2019 | By Kevin White

Food production is currently “exceeding planetary boundaries”, a report warned today

businessman on laptop

Cybersecurity is a vital cost for retailers and needn't be complex

17 Jan 2019 | By Brian Harrison

In 2018, retail ranked the most at risk of cyberattacks out of 18 other industries

slice of pizza

How smaller portions can become the 'new normal'

17 Jan 2019 | By Eric Robinson

There is overwhelming evidence that our food environments affect what we buy and eat

vegan vegetarian food salad

Why we should resist the vegan putsch

17 Jan 2019 | By Joanna Blythman

Vegans, about 1% of the population when I last checked, are currently trying to shape the public discourse on food


Brexit isn’t a poker game – MPs must act now to end the nightmare for food and drink businesses Video Subscription

16 Jan 2019 | By Ian Quinn

The uncertainty that has gripped businesses since the referendum reached new levels last night

farming analysis

Britain’s future food policy should champion our quality... and boost UK output from and support for our farmers Subscription

15 Jan 2019 | By Carina Perkins

Unless there is a very dramatic reversal of the Brexit decision, there will be long-lasting consequences for the UK food and drink industry

coop on the go sandwiches meal deal aisle

Promotions consultation reflects government chaos, not commitment Subscription

14 Jan 2019 | By Ian Quinn

The way the consultation has been handled doesn’t say much for government’s commitment to public health as a priority


The worst Christmas for 10 years? Not for the major mults

11 Jan 2019 | By Adam Leyland

There goes another Super Thursday, though how super it was depends on which supermarket you’re talking about

dna apple watch technology

Personalised nutrition is the future: the UK must catch up

11 Jan 2019 | By Megan Tatum

Personalised nutrition has substance. We can – and do – track everything from sleep to steps and calorie intake


It's 'Planuary' but why not focus on your career all year?

10 Jan 2019 | By Jonathan Fitchew

Looking for your next role, or thinking more seriously about the future of your career, should not be a brief resolution

Vegetarian meal

My Million Pound Menu: restaurant race ends too soon Subscription

10 Jan 2019 | By Megan Tatum

It’s ironic that My Million Pound Menu is filmed in a former Byron Burger outlet

Tesco Slough

How did Tesco buck the woeful high street trend? Subscription

10 Jan 2019 | By Ian Quinn

Tesco managed to record its best Christmas performance for almost a decade, as the high street did the opposite

home bargains tj morris

Going further: the secret of Home Bargains' success

10 Jan 2019 | By Jeremy Garlick

TJ Morris’s Home Bargains boasts that it was recently ranked 6th in the Which? list of top 100 stores in the UK

beijing china city

It’s not just Brexit – US-China trade talks are critical for 2019 Subscription

09 Jan 2019 | By Carina Perkins

With Brexit dominating UK political discussion, it’s easy to forget what’s going on elsewhere in the world

grab for ready meal

Why recyclable packaging will become a 'must-have' in 2019

09 Jan 2019 | By Chris Blythe

Growing consumer awareness could hasten the demise of black plastic, says Chris Blythe, director of The Brand Nursery



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Do you know that 81% of shoppers in Europe consider food waste as their second biggest worry right after concern over plastic (88%)?



With Brexit negotiations hanging in the balance, and the prospect of a no-deal looming ever larger, what should you do to prepare?


Plastic and the Packaging Conundrum

Plastic is the new public enemy number one. But how should the industry, which is so reliant on plastic as a packaging solution, respond?



Guide To... Logistics

What goes on behind the scenes in any retail envi­ronment may not be seen by many but is a massive operation requiring streamlined logistics solutions. 


Guide To... Export Services

While many exported British products are aimed at European customers, a looming no-deal Brexit is causing many to look to new and emerging markets in the face of the uncertainty this is causing.


White Paper: Sustainability – don’t stand still

Is plastic packaging your friend or foe? Are you making sustainable decisions that will retain your customers and attract new ones? Sustainability is high on every agenda and an opportunity for brands and retailers to make a difference to the planet and your bottom line.




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