Sir, The gluten-free market has been growing steadily over recent years and this is nothing but a good news story for people with coeliac disease. For sufferers there is no medication.

A strict gluten-free diet is the only treatment for people with the condition and the market is increasingly listening to their needs and seeing a good profit in return for their efforts.

The growth of Genius bread only goes to demonstrate the rising ­demand for gluten-free and we welcome all new products to the marketplace as competition can only serve to improve access to good quality gluten-free products (Focus on Bakery, 14 May). We are seeing 1,200 people join Coeliac UK every month and increasing levels of diagnosis mean a bigger market.

We would like to see more companies following its lead, particularly those manufacturers of mainstream products, as gluten-free doesn't need to be niche any more. The development of food production practices and more sophisticated ingredients could so easily mean recipe adjustments to mainstream products so they are suitable for all including people with coeliac disease.

Sarah Sleet, chief executive, Coeliac UK