You can’t even buy a £2 pair of hand-stitched jeans these days without some happy-clappy human rights watchdog bashing you over the head with United Nations regulations about sweatshops this and child-labour that.

Apropos of nothing, it was nice to see Asda getting some good publicity after one of its £6 bras saved the life of its wearer, Hull barmaid Vicky Parsons.

Parsons was attacked in her parked car earlier this year by a couple of armed hoodies and very nearly became the latest knife-crime statistic – before the dramatic intervention of her Asda-bought life-saving boulder-holder.

Apparently the serrated edge of her attacker’s blade caught on the wire beneath the cup of the bra, preventing serious injury and leaving Parsons with one seriously impressive dinner-party anecdote.

“It saved my life,” Parsons told the Daily Telegraph. “Thankfully the underwire in the bra took all the shock.”

In the light of this we can now expect rival supermarkets to develop their self-defence offering in coming weeks, with both Tes Kwan-Do and J Samurai’s no doubt launching in-store dojo for aspirant vigilantes soon.