As supermarkets broaden their reach to everything from car insurance to space travel, US chain 99c Only Stores is offering cash-strapped lovers the chance to get married in-store for less than a dollar. Classy.

"If you get cold feet, don't worry," guffawed a group spokesman. "We sell socks for only 99 cents!"

It's only a matter of time before smitten couples in his'n'hers Kappa tracksuits can tie the knot at the Asda Chapel of the Sacred Smart Price, or march each other up the biscuit aisle of Britain's Biggest Love Emporium for Market Value wedding cake.

Meanwhile, Tesco last week trumpeted the arrival in-store of extra-large condoms in response to growing customer demand. Every little helps especially in the bedroom. And fair play to any shopper bold enough to return a condom they found was too small after trying it on.

But Tesco's attitude to sex is still not as enlightened as it might be. The supermarket, along with Sainsbury's and Asda, is putting stickers over the DVD boxes for Lesbian Vampire Killers obscuring the word 'lesbian' rather than the references to blood-sucking or murder. Weddings, maybe but civil partnerships are obviously one step too far.