We all remember Barack Obama going on the stump with his favourite sea salt-flavoured chocolates. Well, Blogof remembers, as press releases about it are still coming through from the salt company 18 months after the election.

This week it emerged that David Cameron (at the time of writing, still leader of the opposition rather than our new supreme overlord) was living it up on his campaign plane with a menu featuring prosciutto and peach salad, roast lamb and chocolate mousse for dessert.

Fittingly, the fare on Gordon Brown's battle-bus was more low-key, comprising bottles of Irn-Bru and dingy sandwiches.

But for real on-the-go style, look no further than North Korea. Regular folk in the famine-hit state might be starving but the Dear Leader still got his favourite titbits as he chugged off to China this week via private train. Roast donkey was top of the menu, while some reports possibly circulated by South Korea to make him look even crazier suggest Kim has every grain of rice inspected for flaws before dining.

But some tastes are beyond reproach. According to Hennessy, the overall-sporting dictator spent £430,000 a year on cognac in the 1990s.