The ‘reassuringly expensive’ tagline may have gone, but at least the budgets for Stella’s new ad are still suitably lavish. The ad, which just went national (though it launched via the website in mid August) follows the medieval folk of Leuven toiling to create “the perfect beer”.

As meteorites smash into villages and fireballs rise from the ocean, a gravel-voiced narrator (Patrick Stewart, though it sounds more like Brian Blessed) lauds the great “act of bravery” it took to brew that historic first pint of wifebe — sorry, Stella Artois.

Although a major departure from the numerous cinematic riffs on Jean de Florette used over the past decade, the latest commercial looks seriously pricey – if CGI-heavy – and certainly emphasises that ‘1366’ origin InBev is now so keen to push.

Still, that didn’t stop Stella parting company last month with ad agency Lowe, which held the account for more than 25 years and devised the ‘reassuringly expensive’ tag that served Stella so well. And if Leuven’s finest really did develop the perfect beer more than 600 years ago, why does InBev feel the need to reduce its abv to 5%?