Sir, David Bosomworth's comment about the importance of airfreight for the Kenyan flower industry rings true not just for flowers, but also for fresh produce.

Agriculture is essential to economic growth in Africa; imports to the UK from Kenya alone are worth £100m, with trade providing direct employment for 135,000 people. There is no evidence that fewer aircraft would fly if less imported fruit and veg were eaten, as at least 60% of airfreighted fresh produce is brought to the UK in the bellyhold of passenger aircraft. Indeed, total airfreighted imports of fruit and veg account for 0.2% of total UK greenhouse gas emissions.

The Fresh Produce Consortium has lobbied hard for a balanced approach when considering the benefits of airfreighted produce for growers in developing countries.

We invite everyone to join in a stimulating debate on this topic at the Re:fresh conference on 13 May.

Nigel Jenney, chief executive, FPC