Sir, While I agree with the argument put forward by John Allen who questioned the credibility of WSPA's position on 'megadairies' (Letters, 17 September), I feel compelled to ask the question 'Is it not time that UK agriculture started to take a more proactive stance, positioning new technologies and concepts in a way that demonstrates a real benefit to the consumer and society at large?'

The simple fact is that in order to feed the expected nine billion global population in 2050, the feed and food industries will need far greater efficiencies, more collaboration and there will be a necessity to embrace technological progression in all areas.

There will be a requirement to build a strong PR and marketing message around some of these new concepts and there are professional, skilled and experienced groups that can do this.Agribusinesses need to be looking for their assistance and work with the whole value chain of supply in order that all stakeholders benefit.

Ian Leach, regional director, Alltech UK