Sir; While we welcome Masterfoods' u-turn over the use of calves rennet in some of its products so they will once again be vegetarian-friendly, Viva! believes the company continues to alienate another growing group of consumers. There may be up to one million vegans in the UK, a tenfold increase on 10 years ago. Currently, no Masterfoods products are suitable for vegans. With its rethink, we would like it to consider making confectionery that is suitable for everyone. Some people are rejecting dairy for health reasons, as it has been linked to a long list of allergies and chronic illness. Others are ditching the white stuff for ethical reasons because they believe the dairy industry is inherently cruel. Despite the myth of contentment, a dairy cow is the hardest worked of all farmed animals. She nurtures a growing baby inside her while simultaneously producing milk - up to 120 pints a day. To keep the flow going, she is forcibly impregnated every year and her babies are taken away a day or two after birth - year after year. Male calves are either exported for veal or shot shortly after birth, the rennet that Masterfoods wanted to reintroduce extracted from their stomachs. Is it really too much to ask for a truly cruelty-free Mars bar?