Legions of 'yummy mummies' and generously built dads descended on Clapham Common last week for Jamie Oliver's Big Feastival, the inaugural weekender that swaps sex for extra virgin, weed for fresh herbs and the rampant commercialisation of the music business for, er, the rampant commercialisation of the food business.

And Blogof was there. Highlights included Soul II Soul serenading the Friday crowd at sunset, TV chef Peter Gordon forlornly failing to find people who wanted him to sign a copy of his book and Levi Roots shamelessly plugging his sauce empire on stage.

But the pinnacle was Jamie's live cooking masterclasses, with mentor Gennaro Contaldo on hand to measure out the olive oil and provide some comic relief between JO's earnest sermons on what salt goes best with your tomatoes.

With the weather playing ball and even the Portaloos civilised, there were only a couple of bum notes struck. Due to the frighteningly large proportion of tofu-hugging steak-dodgers in the trendy South West London crowd, veggie grub was at a premium.

And spare a thought for the poor bar girl who wearily told Blogof she'd had just a single 20-minute break in her 12-hour shift. Ouch.