Antonio Federici got exactly what it no doubt wanted when a racy print ad for its Gelato Italian ice cream was banned by the ASA.

The image of a nun about to tie tongues with a fellow servant of God generated a whopping 10 complaints from horrified readers of the two magazines it originally appeared in. However, there's nothing like a ban from the ad watchdog to give a campaign a shot in the arm and Federici is now laughing all the way to the convent.

At first glance it's hard to see what the fuss was about, other than the admittedly controversial suggestion a Catholic priest might be sexually interested in grown-ups. But if you look hard enough there's definitely something suggestive about the way she's holding that spoon.

Elsewhere there was more advertising controversy as CTN owner John O'Sullivan got into hot water this week for posting spoof headlines on the newsboards outside his store in Horsham - not a million miles from the Blogof bunker deep below The Grocer's HQ in Crawley.

Police busybodies objected to headers such as 'Local youths abduct UFO' and 'Crawley girl gives birth to pitbull' - presumably on the grounds it was defamatory to the pitbull.