Sir: Booths is a supermarket that should firmly be on a one-to-watch list.

Your recent article ‘Booths trial aims to put the soul back into shopping’ (2 November, p5) reveals the investment the chain is making in innovation, and I wouldn’t be surprised if we were to see a surge in Booths’ square footage off the back of this.

The heritage of this supermarketing chain in tea shops and local produce means the supermarket has the personal touch in its DNA, and this is something that, in today’s homogenised world, customers are happy to embrace.

Creating better shopping experiences in-store will likely make shoppers want to return time and time again, whether as a treat or as a regular shopping trip.

Where brands famed for their customer service have excelled is in coupling their in-store experience with their brand-in-the-hand activity - meaning that their customers don’t just have a relationship with the chain when they are actively shopping (either online or in-store).

Through additional touchpoints such as customer magazines, microsites, recipe e-mails, above-the-line campaigns etc, key bastions of the customer experience have successfully extended the relationship to outside the store, creating a much deeper and engaged rapport with its customers.

Booth’s strategy of putting the soul back into shopping hits the mark and has the potential to be expanded beyond the store. 2014 looks set to be a year of growth for this exciting supermarket chain.

Allan Moffat, COO, Result Customer Communications