Sir, I couldn't agree more with Simon Litherland (MD of Diageo GB). If we are to tackle alcohol misuse in the UK, we have to make getting drunk uncool (Guest Editor's Leader, 2 October).

There are three very important steps in the process: challenging attitudes, creating behaviour change and working together.

When some young adults think it is acceptable to get so drunk they have no concept of how much they are drinking, and don't care, we've got a big job to do.

Cultural change doesn't and won't happen overnight. But through clever campaigning based on solid medical evidence and consumer insight, we can start to turn things around. If we all work together, develop partnerships and combine resources and expertise, we can reach more and more consumers and achieve real change.

In these difficult financial times it makes sense for the public, private and voluntary sectors to work together to tackle alcohol misuse.

The second year of 'Why Let Good Times Go Bad?' is a perfect example of collaboration. I raise a glass to the industry for its continued support.

Chris Sorek, chief executive, Drinkaware