Sir, I was disappointed to read DB Foods is trying to reintroduce ostrich meat to the UK when so many before it have failed ('Ostrich alternative to everyday meat', The Grocer, 19 March).

This failure is with good reason as some welfare issues are seemingly insurmountable with these large wild birds uniquely unsuitable for farming, even in South Africa. Research has shown that chick mortality there can be up to 50% up to three months, as they frequently succumb to disease and various disorders. Desertion stress can be a special problem if they do not have the protection and bond of contact with their parents. This can lead to utter despair and even death through starvation.

Slaughter and transportation are also notoriously difficult for these large birds and also present real and worrying welfare concerns.

Add to this the moral question about farming wild animals, especially when wild populations have declined drastically in the last 200 years, and this is an industry that British consumers have rejected before and will do so again.

Justin Kerswell, campaigns manager, Viva!