We've had Delia prompting a run on cranberries and Jamie sending sales of nutmeg soaring. Now the nation's favourite TV personality Bruce Forsyth (or so we are constantly being told by misty-eyed TV execs) is causing sales of dress shoes to rocket in supermarkets.

According to Asda, its shoppers can't get enough of its George patent leather shoes with sales having increased 200% since the start of the new series of Strictly Come Dancing, in which Forsyth struts around pretending it's still 1964.

"We've witnessed an unexpected Brucie bonus thanks to Strictly Come Dancing," says Asda's press office, "with sales of patent leather men's shoes fox-trotting through the roof." And, surprise, surprise, it's not just the youngsters wearing them with skinny jeans, says Asda, (no, really?) but dads putting their best foot forward as well. Let's just hope Brucie as a fashion role model stops here, and we aren't to witness an uptake of taches and toupees too.