There is no doubt the recent cold snap has proved challenging to everyone and farmers and growers have been working hard to ensure their businesses are running as normal. They are used to dealing with harsh weather conditions and would have had contingency plans in place to deal with challenges such as milk collections, as well as stocking up on feed, heating oil, gas and grit on farm.

Despite this, and although many livestock are housed indoors at this time of year, it will have proven difficult for some farmers to feed those animals still outside while making sure water in troughs doesn't get frozen over.

Let's also not forget the challenges facing our fresh produce growers with vegetables growing in frozen ground and pickers facing sub-zero temperatures. With the whole supply chain working together we can make sure our supermarket and farm shop shelves remain fully stocked.

But it's not all doom and gloom. The NFU has also received many reports of members going above and beyond the call of duty over the past couple of weeks (Hot Topic, The Grocer, 4 December), from collecting prescriptions for the elderly, helping stranded motorists and even clearing roads for the emergency services on top of helping out their colleagues involved the farming industry.

Terry Kones, acting director of communications, NFU