Indian authorities are using what they claim is the world's hottest chilli in the fight against crime.

Seeds of the bhut jolokia, said to be about 100 times hotter than jalapeños, are to be used in smoke grenades to flush out rioters.

"This is definitely going to be an effective non-toxic weapon, because its pungent smell can choke terrorists and force them out of their hideouts," RB Srivastava of the country's Defence Research & Development Organisation told The Guardian. "It would literally choke them."

The gastro-grenades might come in handy in Jersey, where real-life Jim Bergeracs are currently baffled by a new spate of spud rustling.

The Jersey Royal Company has been targeted by thieves several times in recent weeks, with ruthless potato bandits making off with thousands of pounds worth of produce.

And across the Channel, poachers continue to take their toll on the trade in frogs. Gangs with some 22,000 delicious-tasting amphibians (that's 44,000 rear legs, maths fans) have been recovered by officials this month alone in a single département. It's the biggest haul of frogs seized in one go since Agincourt.