Irish dad-rock act U2 wasn't the only billion-pound business to cop flak from muddy protestors at last weekend's Glastonbury Festival.

While Bono and buddies and more specifically their lack of enthusiasm for paying tax in their home country were the subject of a banner from Art Uncut, the UK's biggest grocer was also on the receiving end of some am-dram militancy.

According to The Grocer's tent-dwelling pop-culture correspondent, a fake Tesco outlet popped up on the festival site, purporting to offer items that even the store that sells everything might not fancy expanding into.

Most eye-catching were the Value Tinned Kittens, which probably represent an innovation further than most of us would really be willing to go. (Finest Free-Range Felines, perhaps.)

Still, you can always get your pet insurance from the next aisle along.

Cunningly, the spoof store had its own slogan, Every Little Hurts. Press ­reports suggest the alternative store was erected by locals opposed to a real Tesco opening nearby. Still, judging by how hard it is to get into the festival without a ticket these days, even Tesco has little chance of putting a store there if the locals don't want it.