Sir, In response to Bryan Ubrick on consumers looking to brands that offer "emotional nurturing and seem genuine" in economic times (Third Party, 29 January), while it is certainly true that people are looking for more than just sell, sell, sell from the brands they choose to show loyalty to, I believe it is more about those people looking for brands that add value to their lives.

Companies that run activities that reflect the times and have a finger on the pulse of the nation are far more likely to be successful than those that don't.

I don't believe consumers are really looking to "cocoon" themselves against recession or looking to align themselves with heritage brands. They are looking for brands that offer them something back, such as incentives that subsidise what they would normally spend their money on. This is born out by the rise in promotions over the past couple of years that have tapped into the growing trend for UK-based holidays Walkers Brit Trips a case in point as well as an increase in the number of promotions offering domestic based incentives, such as money back offers or help with shopping costs.

Ed Hughes, MD, GHMC