Sir, Following an article in the Daily Mail quoting Mumsnet as allegedly saying the National Federation of Retail Newsagents has refused to display 'lads' mags' above kids' eye level, the NFRN has been inundated by enquiries from journalists seeking our side of the story.

NFRN guidelines on the display of adult titles were drawn up in consultation with the Professional Publishers Association and have been supported by the Home Office, Department for Culture, Media, and Sport and Trading Standards. The fundamental recommendation is for retailers to display lads mags away from children's titles and above the eyeline and reach of young children.

Unfortunately, despite widespread adoption of the guidelines by retailers, organisations such as Mumsnet will not be satisfied until lads' mags are displayed on the top shelf or put in plain sleeves.

Guidelines cannot accommodate six foot tall 15-year-olds, but our guidelines do offer a common sense solution that safeguards vulnerable youngsters and which retailers can reasonably adopt.

David Daniel, trade relations manager, NFRN