Sir, In response to your feature 'Cash: There's an App for that' (The Grocer, 23 October) I would like to raise a couple of points.

The article only touched upon two key requirements in order for contactless payments to gain considerable market penetration, which are the education of consumers and the integration of NFC chip technology by mobile operators and handset manufacturers.

Retailers including Pret A Manger, Boots, and McDonald's have integrated contactless terminals. However, customers still appear bemused and need a great deal of assurance around the security and benefits of contactless.

Secondly, Apple has lodged numerous patents around the integration of NFC chips into the iPhone the rumour is that iPhone 5 will include this. This leap is required to push the other handset suppliers into action. Nokia and Samsung have launched NFC on legacy handsets. This retail revolution will be a measured one, as we wait until contactless is enabled on a decent number of smartphones.

Chris Smith Creative director, Mobile Interactive Group