Sir, I would like to applaud Peter Heanen's recent endeavours to encourage supermarkets to follow the example of independent butchers, such as his own company, in supporting British Food Fortnight in September (The Saturday Essay, 4 June, p20).

However, as a representative of the Danish food and farming industry, I also have to express my profound disappointment at his disparaging remarks about purchasers of imported meat "buying a substandard product that could eventually harm their business".

Danish bacon and pork products have been enjoyed in this country for more than 150 years. Producers have earned their place here by delivering quality products in a transparent, safe and increasingly sustainable food production chain, with a demonstrable commitment to improving animal health and welfare. I'd welcome the opportunity to put Peter's mind at ease about "substandard product" arriving on these shores from Denmark.

Success in inspiring trust and loyalty among a growing customer base is more likely to come through such initiatives as British Food Fortnight rather than speaking ill of one's competitors.

John Howard, UK market director, Danish Agriculture & Food Council