Sir, I have received a letter from Payzone informing me I will receive a 1% cut in commission on top-ups for Vodafone, Orange,
T-Mobile and Virgin.

This is outrageous, considering the profi ts these companies are making. How kind of them to reduce my income to increase their
own. I have to pay for the line rental, electricity and paper to supply this service. And when a top-up voucher misprints I am unable to get my money back.

It is all take, take, take.

Do they not realise that during a recession the outlets that allow them to make vast profi ts need supporting, not eroding. I would
love to be able to write to their chief executives and ask them if they would like to receive a pay cut! Sorry, no, to tell them they will
receive a pay cut and must just accept it.

A store near me charges a fee to use the top-up terminal and I think the manager has the right idea.

I have tried to find out the address of the chief executive of Orange, but Orange does not appear to know it. So if you would like to join me in asking why we, as retailers, are receiving a pay cut, then please write to Orange at

The Correspondence Dept
PO Box 10
BS32 4BQ.

David Mortimer, Bracken Bank Stores