Sir, We were surprised not to see any coverage of Fairtrade and sustainability in your Focus On Confectionery (2 October, p47).

The latest Mintel figures show Fairtrade continues to be recession-proof (sales were up 154%, while the recent activity of Kraft/Cadbury and Nestlé in West Africa has been prompted by an alarming projected decline in cocoa supply.

The whole chocolate confectionery market is now dependent on encouraging cocoa farmers to keep farming and growing new trees so we would have liked to see coverage of how Fairtrade is bucking the trend and key to cocoa sustainability. Oh, and Mintel says the number of chocolate buyers preferring milk chocolate is going down so some focus on dark chocolate, perhaps including Divine's new 85% cocoa Dark Chocolate bar, would have been on-trend too.

Charlotte Borger, head of communications, Divine Chocolate