Ethics took a real hit this week as the phone-hacking scandal rumbled on in Wapping. So it was refreshing to visit FareShare’s depot in Bermondsey to find out first hand about the redistribution charity’s Meal Appeal being trialled this ­weekend in 19 Sainsbury’s stores.

The Grocer is a huge supporter of FareShare, which collects leftover food from companies and redistributes it to 700 charities. The trial with Sainsbury’s is, unbelievably, the first time FareShare has taken its cause to the public.

It’s about time this worthy charity got to tell the public more about the work it does, not only to feed people in need, but also to help the grocery industry tackle food waste.

Sainsbury’s should also be commended for tackling wastage head-on. By teaming up with FareShare, it’s being frank with its customers admitting that wastage is an inevitable part of grocery, but that it’s doing everything it can to make sure as much of it as possible is put to good use.

Wastage happens. Instead of quietly disposing of it, firms should put it to good use via charities like FareShare and shout about it!