Anuj Lal Business director Ice cream, Unilever UK Sir; Flooding to the Gloucester area has indeed forced Unilever to temporarily suspend production at our factory, but it has not caused any serious supply shortages, and is not forecast to ('Flooding causes havoc', The Grocer, 28 July, p4). We were able to resume normal operations within our cold stores at both Tewkesbury and Gloucester shortly afterwards, while also moving stock to other distribution sites where appropriate. We have also been able to call on our comprehensive and flexible European supply network to meet our customers' needs. Working together with our retail partners, who also had some difficulties of their own due to the flooding, we were able to reschedule deliveries where appropriate. The current plan is that production at Gloucester will recommence next week and we look forward to life getting back to normal, including for our employees who have in some cases suffered personally from the floods. We can assure all our customers, and the great British public, that now summer has finally arrived we have plenty of ice cream available.