Sir, Your Analysis (7 August, p12) asked whether it is fair and practical for suppliers to raise complaints anonymously to the Adjudicator when a breach of GSCOP is suspected. The answer is: 'yes'.

There are two distinct routes for a supplier to raise possible breaches: either bringing a dispute with the retailer in which case the identity of the supplier will be known, or raising an anonymous complaint. In the latter case the Adjudicator would need to broaden its investigation to cover a number of suppliers in the hope of protecting the anonymity of the complainant. The potential flaw is whether suppliers will actually come forward even if their identity is protected.

My other worry is that the Adjudicator may possess convincing evidence GSCOP is being breached but be powerless to act because no supplier has complained or the evidence is not in the public domain. This can't be right. The Adjudicator requires wider powers. Credible evidence, from whatever source, should be sufficient for him to investigate.

John Noble, director, British Brands Group