A couple of weeks ago The Grocer brought you news of how one Cambridge c-store owner was bidding to hit back at the march of the retailing clones invading his home town (and yours).

And Abdul Arain this week sealed the required 50 nominations to run as chancellor of little-known diploma factory Cambridge University (formerly Trinity Polytechnic).

Having bagged the 50 nods, Arain must now see off a trio of rivals for the post, which apparently is quite prestigious if you're into that sort of thing. They include heavyweight barrister Michael Mansfield QC and, for some reason, bearded blunderbuss Brian Blessed, who famously managed to scale the Himalayas using only hot air for propulsion.

Completing the line-up is Lord Sainsbury, former chair of the very same supermarket chain whose march Arain hopes to halt.

But the gloves are now off, following a blatant stab at character assassination by the billionaire peer.

"I have no personal agenda and, if elected, my sole aim would be to help the university in any way that I can," sneered Sainsbury.

Boo! Hiss! What's the point of someone running for high office if they can't pursue their own personal vendetta when elected?