Sir, The aftermath of the riots presents the practical issue for wrecked stores of how to rebuild.

But we know from our work at Retail Trust that dealing with those who, at any time, have been faced with violence in or around the workplace presents issues that can delve deep into the psyche.

Insurance may cover much of the destruction, but in the short term many independent retailers, c-stores and corner shops face the challenges of day-to-day survival. Following the riots, retailers, their staff, and the industry in general all need to come together to help.

We have set up a #highstheroes campaign that has already garnered much public support in terms of donations and offers of fundraising support. With our own £50,000 kickstart to the fund, we have been able to get out on the streets to offer immediate financial relief to those in need.

But this is not about singing our praises. It's about needing to do more, and with your help, fundraising, yes, but volunteering too more people on the streets or helping us through the helpline means more individuals helped. This is the big industry issue of the year.

Nigel J L Rothband, CEO, Retail Trust