One point not raised in your Focus on Winter Remedies is the increasing dominance of own label.

Consumers may well be trading up to stronger products, but supermarket remedies are becoming more appealing especially when branded products can be six times more expensive than own label. Brands have also been hit by general consumer confusion as a result of claims, counter-claims, multiple formats and little differentiation.

So how do they regain their dominance? Many have diversified in order to generate a point of difference, but this can weaken core brand equity and add to confusion. The big brands such as Lemsip, Anadin and Nurofen should trade off their long-term trusted relationship with consumers. A range rationalisation and heritage-based communications would help reassure consumers that brands offer the best-in-class physical efficacy and emotional support that own label simply cannot deliver.

Dave Timothy, senior account director, Anthem Worldwide