While barrow-boy-made-good Sir Alan Sugar was last week handed a ministerial brief to resurrect UK industry one Mockney-ism at a time, another knight of the business realm was also saddling up his white-and-blue-striped steed.

Step forward Sir Terence of Leahy, whose messianic address to the BRC rather echoed the Sermon on the Mount with its tidings of peace and goodwill to rival retailers. Leahy preached a "message of hope" to conference attendees, stopping just short of a pledge that the meek (Morrisons) would inherit the earth (the south of England).

In fact, pearls of wisdom were being dispensed more liberally than rotten tomatoes at a Marks & Spencer shareholder meeting this week. "A can-do attitude makes a proactive attitude, which makes a pro-active environment," Morrisons group retail director Mark Gunter told The Grocer, explaining how... erm... Well, it sure sounded dynamic.

Rather clearer was top FSA boffin Andrew Wadge, who took to the blogosphere to clear up any ­uncertainty over food ­labelling. "Just to be clear," he wrote, "Use By means use by; and Best Before means best before."

With analytical skills like that, no wonder he's chief scientist.