Sir Paul McCartney, look away now.

According to a new survey, it seems consumers would rather do almost anything than eat fewer cheeseburgers including cut down on foreign holidays when it comes to helping save the planet.

It's particularly ironic news in a week that saw thousands of holidaying Brits stranded in international airports and undoubtedly spending a good few hours in McDonald's while waiting to get on planes.

Recycling, the use of low-energy light bulbs and fewer car journeys were also ranked by respondents to a YouGov survey for Eblex and Bpex as being preferable to cutting down on meat consumption.

The news will not be welcomed among the vegetarian and eco lobbies, and goes to show what a hard job it is to change people's eating habits. It's a fact that was underlined recently by figures showing that our vegetable consumption is actually declining despite the millions spent on healthy-eating campaigns.

It seems many Brits will sit in an airport for days with little word of complaint, but tell them what to eat and all hell breaks loose.

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