It's been under threat for decades, teetering on the brink of extinction, and provides a sizeable slice of income for frozen food suppliers: the cod and chip supper.

For years, Brits have been brainwashed into denying themselves what's perceived as one of life's greatest pleasures because scientists aided and abetted by the tabloid press predicted a grim future for the species. Extinction seemed the inevitable conclusion to our centuries-old love affair with cod.

How refreshing, then, to learn that stocks in the Barents Sea have recovered to such an extent that fishermen now fear there could be too much cod for the eco-system to cope! It's one view, anyway.

As Greenpeace points out, healthy stocks are not a licence to start over-fishing. But they needn't worry the fishing industry has learnt its lesson.

What our story highlights is not only nature's ability to cope and bounce back, but, more importantly, how seriously players in the modern food chain both in the UK and abroad take their environmental responsibilities. In cod we trust.