If you go into your local store this weekend and find the owner repeatedly banging his head against a brick wall, it's because the government is considering yet more restrictions.

First there was the tobacco display ban, then tougher alcohol display rules in Scotland. The next victim, retailers fear, could be porn mags and lads mags. Last month, Scottish MP Lindsay Roy tabled an Early Day Motion calling for an urgent review of the positioning of sexually graphic magazines on shelves to prevent children from viewing them. As of this week, his EDM had gained the support of more than 100 MPs.

Whether you view these mags as just a bit of a giggle or a reflection of the loosening morals of society, you have to question whether regulation of this sort is actually needed. Retailers already follow a voluntary code on magazine display, and I've yet to see a copy of Razzle sitting alongside Hannah Montana.

Just like the tobacco display ban, the government is in danger of pandering to a vocal minority rather than assessing the scale of the problem. What we need here is common sense, not yet more regulation.

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