A tripple whopper dairy farm, the brainchild of Nocton Dairies, was looking more like a double cheeseburger this week as the cow numbers in its revised planning application were slashed to half those originally planned.

Yet while it's understandable that animal rights groups have been so vociferous in campaigning against the supersized dairy, it's not clear why Tesco, Sainsbury's, M&S and Waitrose were going out of their way to snub the venture.

All the retailers lord their farming credentials, yet only Morrisons appeared to take a reasoned approach. "We'll consider all the evidence and then take a decision," it told The Indie.

Are its peers really showing support for British farming by avoiding the question of sourcing from what promises to be an efficient, well-invested farm with the means to employ a round-the-clock vet?

Given that British dairy farmers are still leaving in their droves, while demand for dairy products is increasing, Morrisons may well turn out to be the cat that got the cream when its peers are forced to start importing milk due to lack of British supply.