There won't be much sharing of the selection boxes when the Royal Family get together this Christmas.

While Prince Charles, the champion of all things organic, will no doubt be tucking into some of Green & Black's organic goodies, he'll most likely be turning his nose up at his mum's fancy Prestat selections.

The reason? Prestat, chocolatier to Her Majesty The Queen, this week revealed that it has abandoned the organic movement, claiming organic chocolate is too expensive to make and customers simply aren't that bothered.

The move will come as a blow to those involved in organic food production as they continue battling to make the category more relevant to consumers.

Just last week it looked as if the millions of pounds being invested into marketing the sector was paying off with organic sales up 15.5% during September.

However, Prestat's decision shows that those with an interest in organics still have a way to go to truly convince shoppers that there is a clear benefit to organic produce, and that it's worth paying a premium for.